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When you’re dealing with issues within your feet, it can be painful and irritating to deal with. Certain issues can cause constant pain and even blisters from constant friction. A common deformity is known as hammertoe. This is a deformity that occurs in the second, third, or fourth toe and causes your toe to bend at the middle joint, resembling a hammer. If hammertoes are dealt with at an early stage, they can be easily corrected and managed.

Dealing With Hammertoes

Hammertoes can cause constant pain for several reasons. Because of how the toe bends, you might find that your toe is constantly rubbing against your shoes and creating blisters. The toe may also become red and swollen due to pressure placed on it while walking. This can lead to pain while walking and an inability to straighten your toe.

If you’re able to see your podiatrist while your hammertoe first develops, it can be possible to treat the issue. The toe is still flexible and not rigid. This means that it can be straightened out and corrected. Your podiatrist may recommend using a splint to straighten the toe and realign it.

You should be talking to your podiatrist about conservative methods you can use to treat your hammertoe. This includes wearing shoes that have space in the toes. There are specific exercises you can perform that can help stretch and strengthen muscles in your foot and your toe.

If your hammertoe continues to be an issue and isn’t able to be fixed with conservative treatment, your podiatrist might recommend surgery to straighten out the toe.

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